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Features and Finishes

Your Woodlands Preserve home will include the following upscale features and finishes:

All homes are NET ZERO READY – offering the identical features and components as a Net Zero home with the exception of solar panels. Net Zero Ready homes have all the rough-in modifications as needed for solar panel connectivity - allowing you to connect easily at any time and make your home into a Net Zero home.

Ideal Living Space

  • Large triple pane windows for increased comfort and a quiet serene environment
  • Covered porches to enjoy the outdoors and woodlands views
  • Expansive 9 ft. ceilings on main floor
  • Engineered floor system to reduce bulkheads and create a more spacious, airy environment
  • Thicker walls and increased insulation improves the air sealing of your home and creates a considerably more comfortable and quiet enviroment

Chef’s Kitchen

  • Entertainer's open concept layout
  • Luxurious granite countertops with large island and extended breakfast bar
  • Stylish undermount stainless steel sink with single lever faucet and convenient pull out spout 
  • Cabinetry with crown moulding, deep upper cabinet over the fridge, light valance, soft close doors and drawers. Cabinetry is complimented with clean air finishing technology
  • Stainless steel Energy Star range hood
  • Spacious walk-in pantry

Master Bedroom Retreat

  • Expansive walk-in closet
  • Private and elegant double door entry (as per plan) 
  • Some layouts feature direct porch or balcony access (as per plan) 


  • Large bedrooms with spacious walk-in closets

Comfort Mechanicals

  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to act as the lungs of the home and provide fresh air into the home 
  • Home security rough-in with receptacle and Cat 6E wire near entry for future wireless security control
  • Drain water heat recovery pipe to recover valuable energy from warm water, and preheat incoming cold fresh water. The preheated water reduces the energy used by the water heater and provides substantial savings
  • Zoned comfort controls allow you to adjust the temperature of your home on each level to maximize your comfort
  • Superior insulation throughout the home with increased values creates a quieter, more energy efficient home, offering peace of mind on your energy consumption and improvement to the durability of your home
  • Air Renew drywall cleans the air in your home and creates a healthier environment for you and your family
  • Air source electric heat pump provides heating and cooling to your home while offering the flexibility of controlling your hybrid system fuel source. Your home can be adjusted to heat the home via the electric air source heat pump or natural gas furnace. This unit will collect energy from the exterior air to heat your home and increase the efficiency significantly
  • Increased air filtration through media filters on your home comfort system
  • Advanced air delivery system – homes are designed to meet the demands of a hybrid building envelope by utilizing flex duct air vents. That means the vents are high in the wall or ceiling circulating the air gently, mixing the air in the room for a more comfortable feeling. These replace typical floor registers
  • Air Source Electric hybrid hot water tank collects energy from the interior of your home to pre-warm the water in your tank, thereby reducing energy and saving you money!

Peace of Mind

  • Homes undergo third party testing, including certification that the homes meet Energy Star Certification, R2000, and Net Zero Energy Ready through the Canadian Home Builders Certification Program. These homes must meet stringent criteria which third party evaluators are trained and certified to review, measure and validate
  • Your home and investment is built exceeding current building code plus at least 2 code cycles more (or 10 years into the future!) This means you will be increasing the value of your home now and for the future 
  • Net Zero Energy Ready homes are approximately 60% more efficient than homes built to code – saving you money from rising utility rates 
  • Net Zero Energy Ready homes use approximately 87% less Green House Gases, so you are doing your part to help improve our environment for the present and for future generations


We invite you to download the Woodlands Preserve - Features and Finishes (PDF)